New Crime Drama Series

The first teaser novel, which is part of a planned three part series. 

Let me know what you think.

Fires and tempers raged in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri.  Protestors ran amok, venting their fury and destroying everything in their sight. In their blindness, in their desire to right the wrong which bad been done to Michael Brown—in their eyes—and to other blacks around the country, they took it upon themselves to destroy the freedoms and dreams built by other American’s through many generations of blood, sweat, tears, and toils.

It was madness.  Storeowners were robbed at gunpoint.  Lone white pedestrians were accosted and beaten.  Families locked their doors and windows and prayed for safety.  It was a far cry from the “lawless” America a hundred and fifty years ago where, despite being known as the Wild West, burglary, robbery, and violence were but a fraction of what they are in modern society.

These were foul days of regression where decorum and propriety were readily trampled beneath the heavy footsteps of those screaming for freedom of speech, as if having the liberty to say something made it both acceptable and free from recourse.

Janet Saud’s black steel toe boots gripped firmly at the roof of the run down Honda Civic. The dancing flames from a nearby ablaze vehicle lit up her eyes. She was godly. A leader amongst the mindless masses. Defiant and freethinking. She decided where she wanted to go and nobody could tell her otherwise. Just as when she chose to attend XYZ School, no amount of ridicule could hold her back. Those who cast doubt were soon rallying and believing in her. She was that sort of person.  Born from unlikely roots, but of such gumption it was nearly impossible to not be absorbed by her.

“Who’s angry?”

Dozens of black men and women stood and paced below her. Some were armed with torches and guns, others were armed with cell phones and signs.  Their voices boomed, “We are!”

“You damn right. ‘Cause you know why? Ain’t no respect any more. Back when my momma was a girl, at least they had the decency to not lie to us when they went lynching niggas. But now they hide behind their blue uniforms and shields.  They tell us they are here to help with a gun pointed at our faces.  But I don’t want that help. Do you want it?”


“Damn right. We living in a new world.  The white man’s clever. He off and threw away his white klan robes and put on a new one.  A blue one. But I still see him. I know what he’s doing. And I know none of you all here tonight don’t see it.  Harassing us. Pushing us around. They just waiting for us to make one slip and then it’s over.

“Pigs,” someone screamed.

“License to kill. That’s what they got now. They walk around with their badge and their guns and they can do whatever they want. We all heard that tonight plain enough.  I had hoped that there would be some decency left in the courts, but you heard it.  No justice.  But I’m tired. I don’t want to live in a world where I’m bowing down to anyone. I ain’t no dog. You a dog?”


“Hell no you ain’t. But, why do we keep sitting around like good little pups waiting for the white man to tell us what to do? Seems to me we acting like a bunch of bitches.”

A din rose up among the throng. It was not a protest to her words, but an uncoordinated explosion of voices that celebrated them. As they were riling up, a canister of tear gas was shot into the crowd.

“Obey, they tell us. Obey. This is the freedom they give us.  It is their rules or their bullets.” The powerful gas overwhelmed Janet. Words choked painfully in her mouth before she finally abandoned the site.