Peace; Without Time.

We are all far greater than we believe. However, we have restricted ourselves. We have chopped up our identity, confusing, compartmentalizing, and judging all aspects of it. In this way, we are our own worst enemy. And it comes at great cost. We have separated ourselves from the very happiness that we are, and we blindly spend our lives searching for it.

New research supports this view. An area of the brain, known as the default network, correlates with the thoughts that create a sense of self, self and others, and self and time. As this area of the brain deactivates, dopamine (causes seeking behavior) and opioid (causes pleasure) levels increase.

Thoughts from the default network are limiting us, making us unhappy. They create an imaginary and superimposed value system, sending us to search for an illusory happiness that we will never reach. It is an unending pursuit which most people undertake all their lives.

There is a way to shut down this restrictive network. Through the process of self-inquiry, these thoughts can be removed. By continuously seeking the source of our thoughts, we halt their assault upon us. This leads a breakdown of the default network, a removal of all the labels that have been imposed upon us, and the unleashing of our true state. Thoughtless—but certainly not zombie-like—and in a state of total presence in the now, completely absorbed in peace or bliss, like Eckhart Tolle.